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“Hates being lazy, hates being dumb, hangs with posh white kids and loves his darling mum.” This introspective freestyle is a quick summary of the personality and left-of-centre outlook of North Londoner Timmy Gonzalez, AKA Jimothy. His music has tinges of Mike Skinner and draws accidental parallels to North London’s dance-grime-electro scene. Yet, his musical lineage seems more informed by an internal struggle with adolescent boredom and filling a void for the shy and insecure. In a world of constant bombardment of “new, hot” 18 year olds, Jimothy’s approach is more mature and considered, shying away from “living for the likes”.  Get a taste of North London grime 2.0 at GTM 2019 and see why Jimothy is leading the new wave of UK road rap.

Artist Moos

February 20

Wafia and Jimothy join the GTM 2019 line up!

Just when you thought the line-up couldn’t get any better, we’ve added not one but TWO cheeky surprises to get you even more pumped for GTM!

We’re thrilled to announce that triumphant pop-queen Wafia and quirky North London rapper Jimothy are our newest additions to the GTM 2019 line up!

Get to know our latest additions a little better:



Brisbane-based Wafia strikes a perfect mix between touching, heartfelt tracks and dance floor siren songs. Her soulful blend of broody, electronic-pop will have you swooning, and we can’t wait to be singing along to ‘I’m Good’ when she hits the GTM stage!



 North London’s new wave of UK rap is here! Timmy Gonzalez aka. Jimothy “Hates being lazy, hates being dumb, hangs with posh white kids and loves his darling mum.” We’re totally okay with this! Suss out his latest track ‘Getting Burberry Socks’ below for a taste of what you can expect!

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