Groovin the Moo

January 29

Who the MOO is Bessy?

The secret is out.

We’ve searched far and wide across all the paddocks in regional Australia for the newest addition to our GTM team, and guess what? The search is over. We had a few distinct personality traits and professional skills we were looking for in a perfect candidate. They were, someone that:

Knows how to have a good ol’ chat? ✔️

Has a wealth of festival knowledge? ✔️

Able to work 168 hour weeks? ✔️

Lives online? ✔️

Sassy but cute? ✔️😘

And now… The cow is out of the paddock (and into the office!) Say hello to Bessy! She’s loud, proud, full of sass and is your go to gal for any burning festival questions you might have about GTM!

She’ll be working online 24/7 at Moo HQ starting tomorrow morning and is absolutely moognificent at her job! Head to our GTM Facebook Messenger and start chatting to her by hitting the big blue ‘Get Started’ button, thanks to Travel Insurance Direct.

Bessy Besselton of Groovin the Moo provided this statement to the public;

“Try not to like fall in love with me or anything.”


There have already been rumours circulating that she’s approached the bosses for an immediate raise.

More to come.

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