Groovin The Moo

February 13

San Cisco Just Gave You One More Reason To Love Em!

San Cisco is back with a summer bop, reminding us why they’re Aussie’s indie-pop favourite.

“Reasons” is an upbeat groove with an energetic video clip to match, featuring San Cisco jamming in an open hall decked out in sleek, 80’s vintage gear.  

Telling a familiar tale of relationship aches, ‘Reasons’ is a delicious taster of what’s to come in their EP due to be released March 27th.  

“This song is about letting the person you love know that you feel their pain and it is ok to be vulnerable,” says the band’s Jordi Davieson.  “We make mistakes all the time but we can heal these fractures in our relationships with communication and trust. The sentiment is not about dismissing the pain but more about sharing it.”

Well, we’re thrilled to share this masterpiece with you all and can’t wait to hear San Cisco live this April and May at GTM!


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