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March 09

Get acquainted with Graffin the Moo!

Every year at Groovin the Moo, we engage artists in the local communities to get involved with sprucing up our fence lines in an initiative we like to call ‘Graffin the Moo’.

Graffin the Moo is all about supporting local street artists who live in the regions we visit each year, giving them the opportunity to engage with our artwork, line-up and audience by offering them space to paint and create.

Working with both emerging and established artists, they support each other with their work and even take it upon themselves to mentor one another, or even help each other finish their piece. Graffiti breaks down barriers between young people and provides a medium for like-minded individuals to connect and create. Writing on caves and walls (and now festival fence lines!) is one of the old practices of self-expression by humankind and we’re so proud to work with these artists to do just that!

For the first time GTM will be collaborating with Ironlak to deliver premium spray paint to each participating street artist nationally. To assist with delivering the perfect balance of health and performance our paint mates have created ‘Sugar’, which is a mixture of hybrid water and alcohol based formulation. It is a healthier alternative for the environment and artist alike. We are stoked to be covering our fence lines in the stuff!

Which artists will be spraying the fence lines in your region you ask? Here they are!


Ryan Petik aka Zedr is a South Australian aerosol artist who has been fooling around with spray paint since he was 12 years old. He has since developed a unique style and various techniques which define him as an artist.

Mount Barker High was developed to engage young people from South Australia’s Adelaide Hills who are either at risk of disengaging from school or who are already disengaged. The college offers the chance to complete their education using adult learning principles in a flexible learning environment.


Hyve Mynd are a Newcastle based group of artists that create both passive and interactive installations. You may have seen their street art inspired murals featured at festivals and on the streets of Newcastle and Sydney. 


The Youth Network NQ is a not-for-profit organisation based in Townsville that is an advocate for young people and youth services providers. They also run a range of engagement activities around the community to connect with young people.


Hiphopportunities was founded by experienced Bendigo youth workers as an alternative way of engaging with young people in their communities. Under the guidance of mentor Jara Lewis, they’ll be showcasing their graffiti style and adding colour to their community


Commit No Nuisance is an interchangeable collection of drop out creatives and artists of ill repute. Every now and again they dedicate a little time to brightening the surfaces of Canberra and run a series of live art battles at the local dive bar ‘La De Da’.


Local street artist Dee Mosca works with Stirling Street Art Centre students to bring the scrim fence to life! As well as tutoring workshops at SSAC, she practices her own art and design work in her spare time.

Josh Raven enjoys working with the highly detailed style of hyperrealism portraits as well as creating large scale murals using a range of media. He strives to create pieces that have the ability to evoke powerful emotions in both himself and those who come to experience his work.


So when you’re at GTM, rather than just walking past the fence lines, why not stop and take a minute to appreciate the art and the work that our artists put into it! PLUS, they make a GREAT selfie backdrop 😉



One of our favourite memories was In 2012 when the boys from Hiphopportunities did a little tribute piece to Public Enemy and were asked by Chuck D to get up on stage and hold up the piece of fence line whilst the group performed around them.


Thanks to Sam Kim for featuring in the video!

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