Groovin The Moo

February 14

E^ST drops new track for you this V–day!

Alone on Valentines Day? No mixtape from your lover? Well, you’re in luck, because E^ST‘s new single is the perfect tune to cry to!

“Fresh Out Of Love” is a relatable retelling of feeling empty after giving all your love to someone who doesn’t give it back.  Sung over a catchy electronic beat, E^ST’s soft, lilting tones perfectly capture the bittersweet emotions of heartbreak.

Set in a nostalgic, 80’s dreamscape, E^ST’s new music video is the best way to enjoy this sensuous song, featuring slow dancing across the parquetry floor and mascara running down her cheeks.

In a rare glimpse of honesty in the modern age, “Fresh Out Of Love” is as raw as our aching hearts.

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