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April 16

Bessy competition winners announced!

Hi guys, it’s Bessy here. Thank you so much for all of your love letters! Your kind words (about me, yes hehe) really touched my heart and there were just too many good poems to pick just one. So I’ve decided to give away two double passes to each GTM region!

Here are my fave poems and the competition winners!


Wayville – Jai Bezzina

“Bessy, oh Bessy where do I begin? Is it that big beautiful nose of yours, or those gorgeous eyes I could stare into for days on end. You’re the yee to my haw and the love to my life. If this were The Bachelor there would be no competition because you would get all my roses baby girl, love you to the mooooooon and back.”


Maitland – Oscar Basclain

“Oh Bessy you beautiful bovine, you’ve got me falling for you. From your soft brown fur to your perfect damp nose, from your scintillating hoofs to your outstretched tongue, you’ve got me. You’re on my mind with every waking minute oh Bessy you’ve got me. I cannot wait until we’re together, oh Bessy you’ve got me.”


Canberra – Sophie Florence

“Bess, you’re like a sunflower, tall and bright.

Bess, you’re like a daisy, a rich delight.

Bess, you’re like a lily, of the sweetest smell.

Bess, you’re nothing like a chrysanthemum, because your name is not difficult to spell.”


Bendigo – Nikaylah Parkes

“Roses are red

Cows are spotted

Bessy, you’ve got me oh so besotted.”


Townsville – Emma-Louise Clinton

“Around you the days are brighter, daisies are sweeter and stars twinkle in your eyes. How lucky am I to be graced by you.”


Bunbury – Siena Pasquale

“You’re my favourite, love you the most. Wake you up with flowers and Vegemite toast! GTM, what a great time. I’m yours and you’re mine.”


xoxo Bessy

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