Groovin The Moo


Groovin the Moo welcomes everyone and we are constantly working on ways to improve the festival experience for all. Here are some things that might be useful for you to know before you arrive.

We have a designated accessible parking area for our patrons. Check the map for the exact location. This parking area is automatically available for any vehicle bearing a standard Disability Parking Permit – just follow the Accessible Parking signs once you enter the car park.

We are aware that some disabilities are of a more temporary nature and if you don’t have an official sticker and need to use the Accessible Parking area, we invite you to let us know when you arrive. Drop us a line at to arrange this.



We understand that equal access can sometimes mean being accompanied by a carer, and so we offer complimentary carer/companion tickets on an individual needs basis. If you’d like to chat to us about this, just send an email to so we can begin the conversation.



We understand that equal access can sometimes mean being accompanied by an Assistance Animal. To help us support you and your Assistance Animal on site, please email us at



Accessible toilets can be found within the festival grounds at each toilet area and will be marked clearly on the patron map. There are 3 toilet areas. One near Moolin Rouge, one near the Outdoor Stages and one near the main catering area. There is also an accessible toilet in the Udder Mayhem bar. Please check in with the friendly Mootique team to get the key, available at each of these stations.



There will be viewing platforms at main stages. The viewing platforms are solely for the use of our access customers plus one other. Chairs are not provided on the platforms. Please note customers using large scooters will be asked to park these at the bottom of the VP ramps when possible to ensure we can accommodate as many access customers on the platforms as we can.



We are happy to assist people with disabilities in making plans for a pleasant and safe festival experience. Please get in touch via email at to ensure that your day is as enjoyable as possible.


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