Fri 15th Apr


We sat down with genre-bending Persian / New Zealand rapper CHAII to get to know her a little better! You may have heard her track ‘WOW (Look At Me)’ in the recent Netflix series Inventing Anna 👀🔥

How do you like to kick off the day?
Make the bed and shower, leading up to festival season I try to exercise in the mornings.

What are your top 3 festival essentials?
Snacks, hat, water

Do you have a pre-show ritual?
We hang out together, hugs and smiles 🙂

If you could be in any tv show what would it be and why?
Brooklyn nine-nine, the friendships on that show where everyone is so powerfully themselves. Reminds me of my group of friends. And also, who wouldn’t wanna be a badass cop character? I’ve seen all seasons 3 times over.

What’s your go to road trip snack?
Dried flat fruit, chips and beef jerky combo, chocolate snack bars

Any surprises in the bag for your set at GTM2022?
Yess, my good friends from Yoko-Zuna will be joining me on stage. It’s going to be wild!


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