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February 10

Viagogo = ViaNONO

DON’T: Purchase from Viagogo or unknown facebook users.
DO: Purchase from Moshtix, Moxhtix’s Official Resale Platform or our offical Hard Ticket outlets in each region! More info at GTM.NET.AU

New year, same scam.

Now that tickets are on sale for Groovin the Moo 2020, we wanted to warn everyone about the dangers of unofficial ticketing platforms (Viagogo, we’re looking at you buddy).  To avoid missing out on Groovin the Moo due to purchasing a FAKE TICKET, read on.


What is Viagogo?

Viagogo is an unofficial online ticketing marketplace, which allows people to buy and resell tickets to events. You can usually find them at the top of your Google search for tickets because they pay top dollar for the ad space to confuse people into thinking they’re an official ticketing site.

Here’s an example of some of the high pressure scare tactics the site employs to make users panic and impulse purchase tickets, through fear of missing out.


What’s the catch?

Well… there’s a few, including fake tickets and inflated prices!

Firstly, you may think you’re purchasing a ticket for Groovin the Moo 2020 (or any other event), but this is not always the case. Viagogo only facilitates the exchange of tickets, which means they don’t ask to see the seller’s ticket whatsoever. This is a concern as anyone is able to list a ‘ticket’ for sale without actually having one. This has led to instances of duplicate tickets being sold, tickets not being delivered on time or at all, and of course fake tickets being sold to mislead people.

Secondly, sellers are able to set their own ticket prices – so you end up paying sometimes more than 200% of the tickets original value, which is totally unfair to music lovers who will do anything to go to a festival. Prices don’t include booking or delivery fees, which can be over $100 additional to the ticket price. Even worse, everything is billed in US dollars which makes it seem cheaper than it is (as the Aussie dollar is weaker than the US).


So what, I’ve bought a legitimate ticket from them before?

This can sometimes be the case, but we stress it is NOT ALWAYS. We cannot guarantee any purchase will be a safe one, and by purchasing from them, you limit our ability to help you! Even if you do secure a legitimate ticket through Viagogo, your ticket MUST match your name and date of birth to gain entry into GTM. This can only be fixed by the original ticket holder logging into their Moshtix account and reissuing the ticket. You can attempt to approach the seller to change the ticket details, but this can be quite difficult.


How do Viagogo get their tickets?

Only a small percentage of people are legitimately selling their tickets on Viagogo, with the remainder being ticket scammers or ‘Touts’ and computer bots. They’re usually equipped with lighting fast internet and dozens of credit cards at the ready to snap up as many tickets as possible when tickets go on sale. Unethical and a tricky situation for us and the police.  If you’ve ever wondered why there is a 4-ticket maximum for purchasing GTM tickets – this is why.


If what they’re doing is so obvious, why haven’t they been shut down yet?

GOOD QUESTION. There has been a lot of chatter regarding this across the globe over the past few years. The company seems to get out of their shameful practices as they’re a marketplace linking buyers to sellers, not actually selling tickets themselves per se.

In Australia, The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission launched action in August 2017, accusing Viagogo of breaching Australian consumer rights law by making false or misleading representations, and by engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct. Unfortunately, the case is still ongoing and is yet to be resolved.


Who else has spoken out against them?

Since we last reported on Viagogo in early 2018, Ed Sheeran and his team have assisted UK activist/founder of group ‘Victims of Viagogo’ Facebook Group, Claire Turnham to help recover almost £1m for victims of the site. Claire’s efforts have earned her a Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE). You can join the Facebook Group here and share your experience.
Gang of Youths have also vocalised their disdain for Viagogo and created their own anti Viagogo t-shirts, while The Rubens, Tash Sultana and Amy Shark have spoken quite candidly about the effect the website is having on the industry – for both the musos and fans.

Viagogo are a piece of shit company that sell my tickets for over 3 times the actual price to my fans. It’s not just me…

Posted by Tash Sultana on Sunday, November 25, 2018


I’ve bought a ticket and it looks fake. What do I do?

Request a refund from Viagogo.
Reaching out to their customer support has proven to be quite difficult for customers, but it’s worth getting in contact with them if you’ve been sold a fake ticket.

Verify ticket with Moshtix.
As all of our ticketing is run through Moshtix, you may be able to submit a request to Moshtix, asking them if they can verify the legitimacy of your ticket, though this is again out of our control. But please keep in mind, that even if the ticket can be verified as legitimate, we still don’t know if that ticket has been sold multiple times. If it has, it means that only the first person to be scanned through the gates at GTM using that ticket will gain access to the festival.

Consult your local police or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
If Viagogo are unable to offer you a refund, consider taking further action by calling your local police, your bank or filing a consumer complaint with the ACCC.


Should I buy from someone I don’t know?

Fake Facebook accounts selling fake festival tickets are starting to become just as bad as Viagogo (ViaNONO ❌ around here).  Here’s some advice in case you are in that desperate position where you can’t buy a ticket from our official ticket seller Moshtix.

Do you know the person? Does it look like a legit profile? (Be critical, this is your hard-earned cash after all). How many friends do they have? Where are they located? Do these ‘friends’ look legit?

If no, think twice and check again!

If they’re selling their ticket(s) the day of on sale or a day or two after then it is likely they bought them for scam purposes. Of course this is not always the case but remember that from when tickets go on sale to event day, you still have over 2 months to find a ticket. You can sign up to our Moshtix waitlists on sold out shows, wait and see if people you know and trust can no longer go closer to the date or try your luck with entering competitions.

If in doubt, you can always ask a friend or family member for a second opinion and you can always ask us as well – we will do what we can to assist you.

We hate seeing our amazing Moo Crew get gipped by fake accounts and ruthless scalpers and want all of you to be purchasing safe, legit tickets to GTM.


Where should I buy tickets to GTM?

The ONLY place you should be purchasing GTM 2020 tickets online from is or Moshtix.


Tickets are sold out. How do I get a ticket?

General Sale tickets go live for Bendigo, Bunbury and Canberra on Tuesday 11th Feb at 8AM local time:

Maitland, Townsville and Wayville tickets go live on Wednesday 12th Feb at 8AM local time:


Official Resale

Last year after tickets to our shows sold out in record time, we set up an official resale platform with Moshtix. This facility will be available once the ticket allocation for our shows are exhausted, so stay tuned to our socials for all the latest regarding our resale!


A friend you trust

If you have a friend and they would like to offer you their ticket, they’ll need to log into their Moshtix account and select the ‘reissue ticket’ option to place the ticket into your name and D.O.B. This will incur a $10 fee.



Remember, when you see Viagogo, always say no no!

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