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February 28

Jack River’s ‘Sugar’ video clip is a Throwback Thursday treat!

Earlier this year, pop-goddess Jack River teamed up with the Peking Duk boys on the super sweet track ‘Sugar’.

Now, the video clip has been released and it’s a visual treat for the eyes! Filmed in parts of Perth and California,  we see the trio decked out in retro fashion, hitting up colourful amusement parks, riding on scooters and hanging out in skateparks. It’s a blast from the nostalgic past, reminiscent of early 90’s -00’s pop culture. Think Len’s ‘Steal My Sunshine’, Aqua, Vengaboys, Spice Girls and old school Pepsi commercials! 🍦

Here’s what Holly (Jack River) had to say about the track:

“I had a vision for some time of making a whole song inspired by the vocals from all the amazing pop songs I grew up on. We all loved this idea and started to listen to all the best sounds of the early 2000’s. We wanted to make something that felt like the sugar-candy world Jack River but dragged into the world of a soft drink commercial, or something an Ice Cream truck might blare on the boardwalks of LA. Working with the boys was blatantly – so much fun, we were like little kids in a candy shop – and hopefully that sense of fun drips out of the song like a melting ice block.”

Peep the video clip now and catch her live at GTM 2019!

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