Groovin The Moo


With pop hooks and moody indie-electronica mixed with her mastery of sad words and happy music, it’s E^ST’s voice that really gets your attention! With three EP’s under her belt, E^ST most recently proved herself with global single “Life Goes On” and bold empowerment anthem “Blowjob”. A new body of work is expected later this year and the feeling is limitless for this young pop maverick. Her distinct voice and unique touch on pop music is guaranteed to get you groovin.

Artist Moos

February 14

E^ST drops new track for you this V–day!

Alone on Valentines Day? No mixtape from your lover? Well, you’re in luck, because E^ST‘s new single is the perfect tune to cry to!

“Fresh Out Of Love” is a relatable retelling of feeling empty after giving all your love to someone who doesn’t give it back.  Sung over a catchy electronic beat, E^ST’s soft, lilting tones perfectly capture the bittersweet emotions of heartbreak.

Set in a nostalgic, 80’s dreamscape, E^ST’s new music video is the best way to enjoy this sensuous song, featuring slow dancing across the parquetry floor and mascara running down her cheeks.

In a rare glimpse of honesty in the modern age, “Fresh Out Of Love” is as raw as our aching hearts.

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