Daniel Aaron

Hailing from the small farming community of Pyramid Hill, Daniel Aaron’s alternative groove origins are a slight mystery. Since discovering the world of music at a young age, the self-taught artist has quickly developed his own high energy style. His whirling melodies are constantly genre-bending, accompanied with dexterous multi-instrumentalism, all moulded with intricate looping and mixing to give a colourful contrast of country boy and city beats. Daniel’s passion for music has had him develop a stage presence that will surely have you captivated.

Daniel has been cast into view of the Australian public after the uploading his debut single, ‘Running Backwards’ onto triple j Unearthed.

When he’s not playing gigs consistently and supporting bands like Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, the highest booked blues band in Australia, he’s bunkering down writing new music, preparing big things for the future.

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