The Amity Affliction

Since their formation in Gympie, Queensland in 2003, the band – rounded out by drummer Ryan Burt, guitarist Dan Brown, bassist Ahren Stringer and vocalist Joel Birch have without hesitation, stayed true to their signature sound, refusing to alter it in line with the many fads that have come and gone since then. In the process they have secured themselves an impassioned and devoted following.

Their capacity for penning electrifying anthems, armed with some seriously metallic crunch, has turned mosh pits upside-down the world over, at the same time their fans profoundly connecting with Birch’s no-holds-barred confessionals. “It’s how I like to write and how I like to be, and I’ve always thought there’s no point doing music if it’s not either saying something that’s going to help people or going to be a really personal, cathartic experience,” the vocalist explains.

For more than a decade, The Amity Affliction have confronted the very darkest edges of man’s existence through their music and with 2010’s ARIA gold-certified album, Youngbloods, following up with Let The Ocean Take Me in 2014 and 2016’s This Could Be Heartbreak, Amity have established themselves as leading force in the heavy music world, ready to take on GTM 2018!

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