The Smith Street Band

It’s been just over five years since The Smith Street Band released their debut full length, No One Gets Lost Anymore. In that time, the four Melbourne locals have done things their own way and at their own pace: full steam ahead. Freshly returned from America, where they’ve just wrapped up recording for their fourth long player, the much anticipated release of new music is imminent.

Released in 2014 to critical acclaim, The Smith Street Band’s last offering Throw Me In The River landed triple j Feature Week and debuted in the ARIA top 20 album chart. It scored the band a nomination for ‘Best Independent Hard Rock, Heavy or Punk Album’ at the 2015 AIR Awards, ‘Live Act of the Year’ at the Rolling Stone Awards and took out the gong for ‘Best Live Band’ at The Age Music Victoria Awards. Lead single “Surrender” came in at #69 in triple j’s Hottest 100.

Non-stop touring has seen The Smith Street Band cement their place as one of Australia’s best and hardest working live bands, selling out more shows and bigger venues as each tour passes. The band have now clocked up over 15 international tours, selling out shows everywhere from London to New York and appearing on some of the world’s top notch festivals, including Reading & Leeds in the UK, Belgium’s Groezrock, and Laneway, Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival and Meredith appearances back on home soil. Now they get to add Groovin the Moo to that list.

Artist Moos

February 14


It’s Valentine’s Day and what better gift to receive than one from The Smith Street Band!

If you’re a fan of Melbourne foursome, you may have received a cute Valentine’s Day Birthday card in the post containing this message:


Happy Birthday’s for February 14th!

Lots of love,

 The Smith Street Band”

Wondering what that was all about?

It was all alluding to today’s trio of surprises! The boys announced their new album More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me alongside a little gift in the form of lead single “Birthdays” and it’s accompanying video.

“Birthdays”, which is their follow up to previous single “Death To The Lads” (#21 on triple j’s Hottest 100), finds poetic front man Wil Wagner “being positive for once”.

“There’s no despair or hopelessness in this one, he’s wearing the positivity on his sleeve. It’s a song about love and growing up – a constant theme in Wil’s songwriting” says drummer Chris Cowburn (via triple j).

 It’s an empowering and joyful tune that follows Wil’s chance encounter with a stranger on a pier in Hobart. Cowburn says to “expect more of the same” from their signature heartfelt punk sound along with some new tweaks on their forthcoming album.

Accompanying the new tune is a quirky but charming music video that follows the adventures of a young girl and her robot best friend! It’s adorable and we love it. You should watch the full video above, STAT.

The Melbourne band’s fourth studio outing was recorded in California and will be released on April 7th under their own label, Pool House Records. It’s available for pre-order now.

You can catch The Smith Street lads belting out the sounds of their new album at GTM 2017!

April 07

The Smith Street Band Album Review

The Smith Street Band’s highly anticipated 4th studio album More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me is here. We dive into the rise and fall of a relationship as Wil picks up the pieces and moves on in this cathartic release! *Hint: It’s their best yet.

More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me starts off with a bang. “Forrest” immediately sets a ferocious, driving pace, opening up the album with little room to breathe until “Spent the morning, cleaning my room” clears the air, then dives head first into hit single “Birthdays”. Fan favourite anthem “Death to the Lads” follows, delivering three back to back slamming tracks that absorb you into Wil’s wild, passionate, and poetic world.

The album showcases a reformed Wil. He’s still brutally honest, touching on some hard-hitting topics like mental health in “25”, “It Kills Me To Be Alive” and “Suffer” but his delivery shows a brighter character after coming to terms with emotional grief – he’s made it to the other side. Looking back on his experiences brings out some great examples of his hyperliteral, poetic wordsmith’ery, particularly mid-way through “Passiona”

“I’m absolutely, infinitely more scared of you than you are of me…oh god if it was only that easy to run from what I’ve achieved, I’ve let it define me… This is not work ethic it’s survival technique!”

There’s no shortage of unfiltered self-expression here. At times energetic, other times sobering (“Song For You”) It’s essentially what music is all about and all Smithies fans highly resonate with this universal connection of words, reflecting on the mundane, raw and beautiful moments life holds for us.

The 12-track showcase ends with “Laughing (Or Pretending To Laugh)” documenting where it all began and glimpses over love as its simplest ideal. It’s an endearing reminder that people come and go, but fragments of love remain and they are beautiful, simply in their own right.

More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me romanticises heartbreak with triumph. It’s universally relatable and the boys wear their heart on their sleeve as always, demonstrating deep layered tracks with amazing production values.

We can’t wait for The Smith Street Band to jump on the GTM 2017 tour bus!

Stream the album below!

April 13

When I Grow Up…

When you’re young, you always dream of what you’re going to be when you grow up… from a Ballerina to an Astronaut and everything in between. The artists on our line up are no different!

Before they hit the big time, they too had ambitions and dreams – some of them coming close to where they are today! We asked a few of them what they dreamed of becoming when they were a young’un… here are their answers!



“I wanted to be a basketball player who rapped on the side. Now I’m a rapper who plays basketball on the side so that’s okay.”

Amy Shark

“There were a few… Tennis player, Actress and FBI agent (I was obsessed with Scully and Mulder).”

Hayden James

“When I was a kid I wanted to be a Machinery Vibration Specialist, but in the end I didn’t get the marks so I had to be a musician.”


“Morgan wanted to be a fireman and then aspired to be a stock broker. Fletcher wanted to be a robot scientist and later thought to be a chemical engineer. Look where we are now.”

Wil Wagner from The Smith Street Band

“Exactly what I am now except better looking and more successful!”

James Carter from Snakehips


Sam Hales from The Jungle Giants

“There was a long time there where I wanted to be a jazz drummer. Studied up a lot and started playing in the young jazz band at the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane.

It was an obsession for a good while and then a friend of mine at school wanted to start a band… That kind of ended the jazz train for me and put me on to writing.”

Michael Richards from Violent Soho

“I always wanted to be a rock star. I got pretty close by becoming a rock drummer which is definitely something I can learn to live with.”

April 25

Travel Tips From The Bands

Groovin the Moo is all about the road trip. Jumping in the car, putting on some tunes and heading to a new place for some exploring and plenty of memory making moments.

But as you head to these places, it’s only natural that you’d want a heads up on what to do or see! So we enlisted the help of our GTM artists to give you guys top tips for each of the regions on the GTM tour.

First stop on the tour is Allday’s home town of Adelaide, and it’s bustling with fun activities to get around. He keeps his hottest tips a bit of a secret, so if you want to know what to do and where to go, just ask him! “I’m from Adelaide so DM me, I’ve got thousands of tips.”

Hayden James’ uncle owns a café in Maitland called ‘The Favourite Chair’ and he swears it’s the best coffee in town. “My uncle said anyone with a GTM booklet can have their coffees on the house” – pre-GTM fix anyone?

Heading to up North to the Townsville show? Both Allday and Violent Soho recommend pre-event chill out time on Magnetic Island.

The nations capital may be best known for Parliament House and the highly-anticipated visit to ‘Questacon’ during your school years, but Allday has a sweet spot for Sweet Bones Café. Stop in on your way to or from GTM for a treat!

Local WA boys Slumberjack also recommend that during your trip to GTM Bunbury, you swing past the Busselton jetty “Which is a little bit cliché but it’s still worth the effort”. Oh and if you’re road tripping between Perth and Bunbury, The Smith Street Band swear by a little pie shop mid-way along the trip. They didn’t give us a name, just that “It’s f*****g delicious”.

Our travel experts also have some hot tips on road-trip essentials. The Jungle Giants recommend all the classic ingredients to a good time “podcasts, banging playlists and lots of sweet snacks”, similarly Slumberjack recommend, “an AUX cord…Good music turns a hectic trip into beautiful car-aoke with mates”… ‘Africa’ anyone?

And while Amy Shark’s car doesn’t leave without Red Wine and her toothbrush, Allday only packs the essentials “I need to have sunscreen because I’m pale.” Take note people.

Catchya on the road!

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