Methyl Ethel

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Jake Webb grew up imbibed in the cassettes that he’d hear in his parent’s car – “Doo-wop, The Beatles, The Everly, Brothers, Del Shannon, The Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson,” he lists his favourites.

Taking a musical alias from his father’s work in fibre glass – made using methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, Webb changed ‘ethyl’ to ‘ethel’ “in order to create an identity, a personality with a name,” he explains. From there, Webb started writing, playing and recording music with the early Methyl Ethel bedroom recordings leading to two EPs Teeth and Guts, which were released in quick succession of each other in 2014. A standalone single “Rogues” won Pop Song of 2014 at the WAM (Western Australia Music) awards, likewise “Twilight Driving” in 2015, both of which were part of the debut Methyl Ethel album Oh Inhuman Spectacle.

Something of a workaholic – in a ritualistic fashion, Webb rises every day at 8am, and works away, writing and recording without outside assistance, conceiving and shaping every fibre of what makes Ethel so compelling. But Perth, the most isolated city on the planet, was never was never going to contain a driven soul like Webb, who admits, “it’s so easy to get pigeonholed as a ‘Perth artist.’ I wanted to break out… it’s that small-town thing.”

So Methyl Ethel became a touring band, a separate entity to the studio version, with bassist Thom Stewart and drummer Chris Wright. It was Wright, who also works as a sound engineer, who helped Webb get Oh Inhuman Spectacle across the finishing line; for the new album, Everything Is Forgotten, Webb called on producer and rhythm king James Ford. The new sound slips alongside other adventurous synth/dance alumni such as LCD Soundsystem, rather than the shoegaze-adjacent dream-pop guitars that defined the debut album. A fourth member, Hamish Rahn has been introduced on keys to replicate the band’s foreboding live sound and help deliver the complex audio palate of the new album.

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February 24


If you thought ‘Ubu’ was going to be hard to beat, let us introduce you to the Perth band’s new track ‘L’Heure des Sorcières’.

Methyl Ethel continue to prove themselves as a truly unique band with this psychedelic-pop jam. ‘L’Heure des Sorcières’ (which is French for “The Witches’ Hour’) shares a side of the band that is dark and fantastical, with frontman Jake Webb’s filtered vocals descending low into the mix to erupt soaring over a surging, foreboding arrangement.

The track makes us want to clear a dance floor and flail ourselves around with our eyes closed until the sun comes up, and if ya’ll feel the same (which you will after listening to it), it’s going to make for one hell of a set when the band hit the stage at GTM!

The band’s upcoming album ‘Everything Is Forgotten’ drops NEXT FRIDAY (March 3rd) and we’re so keen for it. So prepare yourself and get your froth levels on the rise by listening to ‘L’Heure des Sorcières’ right now:

March 03

Methyl Ethel ‘Everything is Forgotten’ Review

Methyl Ethel’s brand spanker ‘Everything Is Forgotten’ dropped this morning and it’s everything you’ve come to love from the Perth outfit, with a few unique twists along the way.

After being intro’d to the new album via singles “No. 28”, “Ubu” and “L’Heure des Sorcières” recently, it was becoming pretty clear that Everything is Forgotten was shaping up to be a more confident Methyl Ethel than ever.

Opening track “Drink Wine” cruises into your earwaves and builds into an upbeat, synth heavy and almost tropical introduction, celebrating what’s to come and easing you into the diverse soundscape of tones present throughout the album.

It then drifts into recent single “Ubu” which features tight vocals and is a dance-worthy addition to your reg playlist. If you haven’t already heard it, have fun trying to get lyrics “why’d you have to go and cut your hair” out of your head after the first play (guilty).

After setting a delicate pace with “No. 28”, Webb goes on to evoke an otherworldly sensation on “Femmes Maison/One Man House” with dreamy vocals. The album then hits a grungy territory with ‘L’Heure des Sorcières’ before it once again strips everything back during ‘Act Of Contrition’.

What follows is an eclectic combination of tracks that allow us to not only explore Webb’s vocals and his compelling writing but also gives us a chance to really embrace the smooth rollercoaster of sounds the band have delved into on the album – pop, indie, psychedelic, disco, the list goes on.

As we reach the end of the ride/the final track on the sophomore album, we’re introduced to a spacey synth-driven track that encompasses everything we’ve heard across the previous 10 tunes. “Schlager” ties the album all together nicely, like it’s the bow on top of a package, and what a package it is!

Everything is Forgotten is a vivid and compelling 11-track anthology of dream-pop with twists of grungy tones, all forming this driving journey that shows us just how refined Methyl Ethel have become since 2015’s ‘Oh Inhuman Spectacle’. We guess you could say we’re BIG fans of the boys and their new album.

Get your ears around the album now and add Methyl Ethel to you ‘must-see’ list at GTM 2017!

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