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21 year old Ben Coyle-Larner, better known by his stage name Loyle Carner, is “Britains most recent new hope in hip hop,” according to The Fader and countless others. The South London emcee has been writing, rapping and freestyling since he was 10, “I kind of used to do poetry when I was younger and English was my favourite subject even though I was dyslexic” he says, “when I figured out there was something I could do with my little South London accent that wouldn’t be seen as out of place, I latched onto it instantly.”

2014’s debut EP A Little Late was raw and eloquent and the young emcee has been causing quite a stir ever since, going on to support Joey Bada$$ and Atmosphere on their UK tours and working with the likes of Kate Tempest, Maverick Sabre, Tom Misch and multiple others.

In 2015, Loyle scored a spot on the highly esteemed Glastonbury Festival, as well as the support for spoken-word artist Kate Tempest, and followed this up as support for Nas in 2016 at his show at the O2 Arena in London.

With strong support coming from all over Europe, the US and Australia, and his debut album Yesterday’s Gone just released, Loyle is set to make some serious moves on the UK circuit and abroad in 2017.

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Before GTM 2017 hits the road, it’s time to get to know Loyle Carner.

Benjamin Coyle-Larner, better known as Loyle Carner, is a 21-year-old British MC based out of South London. He calls having dyslexia and mispronouncing his surname, á la Loyle Carner a ‘happy accident’, but what’s no accident is the cut through effect this emerging emcee is having on the UK scene right now. FYI: Nas, Joey Badass and Tom Misch are just a few artists Carner has toured with and supported in his short time on the scene.

‘Old school but honest’ are his words to live by and this transcends into his sincere and raw breakthrough 2014 EP A Little Late. He was placed on numerous ‘Ones To Watch’ lists for 2016 and it’s not surprising, given his honest and poetic approach to lyricism.

“A lot of my favourite records are by artists such as Mos Def, who have shown that it’s OK to open up. To be honest, there was never really a moment where I wanted to write any other way.” Loyle Carner has defined himself through overcoming challenging circumstances and this resonates through all aspects of his music.

He’s no stranger to the rap game, stringing sentences on the fly since the tender age of 10. Growing up feeling misunderstood, to dealing with dyslexia and ADHD, Carner struggled to channel his hyperactive energy productively until he found a love for cooking, poetry and music.

“Being dyslexic, I struggled with writing critically, but I could always write creatively. With creative writing, you’re not judged as much on spelling or form or structure; any mistakes almost add to the poem. It was kind of my little place where I could get away and colour outside the lines.”

 Carner can definitely whip up a feast! It’s his outlet away from music, bringing him clarity, focus and occupying his mind. He’s even teamed up with GOMA, starting up a cooking school for kids with ADHD to provide the same kind of kinetic experience to others as it brings to him.

I think that’s what is important: not doing one thing until it’s done and then doing something else, I think that’s where some people fall short. I think it’s where I’ve fallen short before. Doing loads of things at the same time is how you keep things interesting and as soon as one thing gets a bit long, you leave it for a sec and go do something else, come back to it when it feels fresh again.”

Loyle Carner released his debut album Yesterday’s Gone at the beginning of 2017 and it highlights an honest perspective on “what it’s like to be 20 in London; the depressors, the positives, the negatives.” It is a work of melancholic beauty and each track sets a scene, taking you on a musical journey through a diverse range of genres beginning with gospel anthem “Isle of Arran” and immediately mellowing it out in the next track “Mean it in the Morning.” His creativity is incredibly refreshing and produces a relatable, slice of life through typical feelings we feel at some stages throughout our lives.

Loyle Carner is a MUST SEE at Groovin the Moo 2017!

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Things that have happened at #GTM2017 so far…

The first two weekends of Groovin the Moo have been EPIC! If you came to one of the shows, you’d know that some pretty awesome things have gone down at GTM so far, so we thought we’d give you a quick recap!


Thundamentals x Loyle Carner

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Thundamentals x Montaigne

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Hayden James x George Maple

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Slumberjack x K.Flay

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Slumberjack x Vera Blue

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Violent Soho had Grinspoon’s Phil Jamieson join them on stage in Maitland to perform one of Grinspoon’s classics! Watch it here. 


Following this interview Dillon Francis did with Pedestrian.tv, we waited patiently for him to add Daryl Braithwaite’s ‘Horses’ into his set.. and it happened! As you can imagine, it went down a TREAT! Watch the video above.

Video filmed by YeahSure.


Our friend Black Summer dropped by GTM Canberra to give us the EXCLUSIVE first listen of his new track and it’s a BANGER!

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